Introducing the monster bike.

As I get asked lots about my bike, I thought Id explain her appearance here..

Firstly Aviemore where i live is a breeding ground for odd, wonderful and sometimes ugly bikes. Bothy bikes, the local shop stocks almost any of the very niche variety and David, who owns it is always keen to get folks on bigger wheels. He does sell alot of boring, bog standard carbon too though πŸ™‚

Anyway, I can only afford one bike, so to mix it up, I decided in November to change the set up. Gone were the 120mm forks and average joe front wheel. Good bye front and rear mech.

The forks were replaced with a Salsa Enabler. Although for a 29er, these would fit and have the added advantage of anything cage mounts. Great for bikepacking.

A cheap singlespeed hub and a trial tech 50mm rim made up the new wheel. A Surly Larry tyre was swinged from a friend and stuck on. And of course the chainset became a singlespeed.

So here she is, my Monsterbike! Great for exploring, backpacking, snow riding and steep dry descents. Although not fast, we have even competed in an enduro and might have been faster than several carbon bikes of the common blue and pink variety πŸ˜‰Β ! However she does suck in the mud.

Monster wheel
Monster wheel




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